About the Program

We Are Here is an educational program being developed for virtual reality. It shows how mathematics, science, computation, and data visualization have converged in mapping to illuminate the world.

The story is built around a series of revolutions in the way we understand the Earth's place in the cosmos. From a vantage point that spans millennia, students can see each leap starting with a radical reconception of the cosmos themselves. As the effects carry into mapping they expand the scope of human possibility, triggering sweeping changes around the globe, eventually causing one age to give way to the next. 

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the world is entering one of these transitions now, and that this one is moving with a speed and power that’s unprecedented. Through We Are Here, students discover how their own grasp of the concepts at the heart of these developments can lead to decisive roles in events that will reverberate for centuries—if not millennia—to come.

Details are below. For further information or to say hello, please email contact@wearehere.com.